Alamogordo – is where you will find Pistachio Groves and winery 

  • Head to Eagle Ranch – 7288 Highway 54/70 (See heartofthedesert.com ) to see 85 acres of Pistachio nut groves and also the vineyard where there are over 24,000 vines growing.
  • Also see Pistachio Land – with its giant Pistachio Nut outside located at 7320 US 54 in Alamogordo (See pistachioland.com Tel: 575 437 0602.
  • In Alamogordo – look for New York Avenue (the oldest part of town) and the Founders Park – a celebration of three cultures – the Alamogordo Native American, Spanish Conquistador and the American Cowboy; the Alameda Park and Zoo – 1321 N. White Sands Blvd that has over 250 animals to see, with the Toy Train Depot in the Park and the Tularosa Basin Historical Museum ; Desert Lakes Golf Course (See desertlakesgolf.com ) and the Oliver Lee Memorial State Park on US54 where there is the remarkable Dog Canyon.
  • The Inn of the Mountain Gods Resort and Casino – is located north east of Alamogordo at 287 Carrizo Canyon Rd in Mescalero, overlooking the Mescalero Lake and surrounded by mountains and pine forests. It is a stunning location (See innofthemountaingods.com Tel: 1800 545 9011). It has gaming rooms, conference facilities, guest rooms, golf, horse riding and is about an hour from the Apache Ski Resort (See www.skiapache.com Tel: 575 464 3600.
  • Three Rivers Petroglyph Site – is located about 30 or so miles north of Alamogordo near Three Rivers. Here you will find more than 21,000 glyphs of birds, animals and other rock art that date back to between 900AD and 1400AD, created by the Jornada Mogollon people who lived here. There are also the remains of a Mogollan village and the Sierra Blanc tower here as well as hiking trails and a camping site.

Carlsbad Caverns – are one of the most spectacular limestone cave systems in the world – and are located about a 3 hour drive east and then south from Alamogordo roughly 200 miles, near the town of Carlsbad. Carlsbad town in the Chihuahuan Desert is on the Pecos River and is centered around Lake Carlsbad. The town has a population of around 27,000, and a good place to stay over so that you have a full day looking through the caves which are about 18 miles south of town. The caverns are located in the Guadalupe National Park, with the biggest cave “The Big Room” is 4000 feet long, 625 feet wide and the ceiling is 255 feet about the ground. There are 119 caves in the system of caves with the 3 biggest and most spectacular ones open to the public to see.

There is certainly a lot to see in New Mexico but as much as seeing amazing sites such as the Carlsbad Caverns and White Sands National Monument, the desert and mountain landscapes, the Pueblos, towns, villages and cities – it is also the people you meet along the way that really make your journey something you will remember and maybe be inspired by.

Happy Travelling!
Geoff Stuart

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