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In my mid-twenties I travelled for six months in Central and South America, variously catching buses...

Pyramids, Incan Ruins, Cusco, Machu Picchu

The Republic of Peru and has a population of around 31 million people, with close to 9 million of...

Lima – the capital of

Lima is both the political and commercial centre of the Peruvian economy and the capital of Peru...

The Incan Trail and Machu Picchu

If you have been in Cusco or read about Cusco on these pages, you will have gained some...

Iquitos and the Amazon

Peru is certainly a land of contrasts – from the huge city of Lima with its population of 9 million people, to...

The Floating Islands

Lake Titicaca and the city of Puno on its shores, is around 390 kilometres south of Cusco on the Altiplano...

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