Malaysia’s Resorts – Langkawi, East Coast, Sabah, Sarawak…

Malaysia's Resorts – Langkawi, East Coast, Sabah, Sarawak…

People coming to Malaysia on holiday may well stop in a number of places – including Kuala Lumpur (KL), Malacca and Penang, but also high on their list are the beach resorts on the west coast such as Langkawi or East Coast near Kuantan and islands like Tioman Island and Redang Island, as well as Kuching in Sarawak and Kota Kinabalu (KK) and Kudat in Sabah.

Here on these pages – we have set down some information to help you decide which of these places you want to travel to.

Also see Malacca and Penang – pages on this website.

Langkawi – is one of 99 islands located just off the top end of the West Coast of Malaysia in the Andaman Sea near the Thai border. It is serviced by an airport and is about an hour flight from KL. There are a large number of resort style hotels here on the island strung along the coastline, with the rainforest and mountains forming a backdrop to them. Some have white sandy beaches in front of them, others in the north have black sand, and others have rocky outcrops – but almost all have swimming pools to of different sizes in their resort.

When booking a room, check to see how close your room is to the main desk and pool/restaurant – as many of the hotels are big and it can be a long walk or climb up or down stairs to get to the pool. They may also have a 'buggy service' to take you up or down the hillside – so worth asking the questions before you book. Also check to see how far the resort is from the airport.

Many people will choose to stay just in the Resort or hotel and enjoy just being there, while other people want to get out and see what else is on the island. Here are some of the places that you might want to see –

  • Tours - There are always tours available and your hotel will be able to organise one or more for you to see scenery, places, go diving, snorkel or fishing. Just ask at your hotel lobby.
  • Dataran Lang (Eagle Square) is at Kuah Bay on the southern end of the island where Ferries arrive. Here you will find the star shaped wharf and a 12 metre high Eagle with its wings extended, beside the square, garden and nearby rows of shops, including Duty Free Shops and food places. The eagle is a symbol of Langkawi (the Malay Bahasa word for eagle is 'Lang', the word for Reddish-brown colour is 'Kawi'). Also near the wharf is the Lagenda Langkawi Dalam Taman Sculpture garden – where each of the sculptures represents a Langkawi Legend figure.
  • Cablecar – is in the North East of the island at Pantai Kok next to the Oriental Village. It is in fact two cablecars – the first one takes you to the start of the second one that leads to the top of Mount Mat Cincang, and then there is a Skybridge pedestrian walkway that takes you even higher to a point roughly 700 metres above sea level for even better views.
  • Langkawi Wildlife Park – Jalan Ayer Hangat, Kuah. This park is where you can see around 2500 different birds including some of the rare birds that are hard to find in the wild.
  • Underwater World – on southern end of the island, at Pantai Cenang. Here you can travel under the water walking through a glass tunnel to see sharks, fish and other sea life.
  • Telaga Tujah Waterfalls – is on the western side of the island at Gunung Mat Cincang. This is a natural waterfall, but is also a hike to get up close to it.
  • Eating out – While you will most likely mostly eat in your hotel restaurant, also venture out too and look for a streetside restaurant to get a more authentic Langkawi experience.
  • Looking for Nightlife? – head to Pantai Tengah where there are pubs, restaurants and other nightlife happening.

Happy Travelling!

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