Johor Bahru (JB) and Penang (Pinang)

Malaysia is pretty much hot all year, and slightly cooler at night with just two seasons – the Dry season and the Wet Monsoon Season, when torrential rain can happen. Usually however in the wet season, there are big storms, but half an hour later it is hard to see that the storm happened as the water very quickly drains away, with deep monsoon drains in the cities and towns working to make this happen.

At different times, there are floods and these occur mostly on the east coast.

A lot of people head to Malaysia simply for the hot tropical climate and sunshine – so that they can relax at a resort, swim, sunbake, enjoy a spa treatment, with the added bonus of it being a safe friendly place to travel, with great food, fruits and culture, and most people also speaking English as a second language.

You should also be aware that in some places there are mosquitoes – not a big problem, but protect yourself from Malaria and Dengue Fever as best as you can (spays, long sleeve clothing) and try not to get bitten. Mosquitoes tend to be around stagnant water and rainforest areas and come out mainly early morning and after dark. They stay close to ground level and with most hotels being high rise, air conditioned or with fans, you shouldn't be bothered too much.

The East Coast is where the main Monsoon season is most apparent between October and March, whereas on the west coast, you still get the big storms, but these in most years pass quickly cooling the air, with steam rising from the hot road as the water evaporates.

Here on these pages we have set down some information about just two of Malaysia's two cities – Johor Bahru near Singapore and Penang in the north.

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