Rottnest Island

Rottnest Island – is a favourite destination for both people from Perth and also visitors to Perth.

Rottnest Island is located just a short distance off the coast from Perth, and you can get there by Ferry from both Perth and Fremantle, by organised tour company, or fly in by helicopter or small plane.

Rottnest Island has 63 official beaches and 20 bays – some facing towards the Western Australian Coastline, and others directly to the Indian Ocean, so no matter which was the wind is blowing, there will always be a beach that you can find to suit you for scenery, sunning, surfing, hiking, biking or just walking along. There are lots of accommodation options, bike riding, restaurants, golf course, bars and small boutiques to wander through, and you can also see the old Thompson Bay Settlement – (see history) with the Old Mill, Hay Store, Salt Store, Lomas Cottage as well as visit lighthouses (Bathurst Lighthouse and Wadjemup Lighthouse ) the Pilots Boathouse, and Kingston’s Barracks on the island.

What many people who come to the island want to see is Quokkas – which was first described as “a rat about the size of a cat” – but is in fact a macropod marsupial – with brown fur and a pouch where the young stay for the first six months of their life. Quokkas feed on natural grass and vegetation, and Island Visitors are told not to feed them – so that they continue to feed on the natural vegetation, mainly at night. They are very cute. You can also go snorkelling or diving to see a vast array of underwater life at Parakeet Bay, The Basin, Parker Point or Salmon Bay in the Marine Park, or catch the Shuttle Bus that runs around the island to most places. There is also a Water Park at Thompsons Bay.

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