Perth Airport is about 30 minutes from the City Centre and there are Shuttle Buses and also Taxis available to take you to the city centre, (Swan Taxis – Tel: 13 1330, Black & White Taxis Tel: 13 1008) where most of the bigger hotels are located.

Perth is located on the Swan River, but when you see the Swan River it looks more like a large lake and on a warm sunny day and a bit of wind you will no doubt see small sailing boats on the River creating a stylish introduction to the city.

The city itself is a mix of high rise sophistication in the city centre, great parklands – such as Kings Park and suburbs spreading out and around the river on both sides, with the coastline beaches all close by, north and south of Fremantle Port.

The city is easy to get around, and with a population of just 1.3 million people or thereabouts it has a laid back style all its own with great restaurants, food and wineries nearby.

On this website, we have set out to provide you with information about the Perth and the nearby attractions, that all make Perth such a good place to spend time in, getting to know the City and meet the people.

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