Heading to the south west of Tasmania

The Huon Valley, Bruny Island, and small the coastal towns further south are all close to Hobart and easy to reach either on day trips or longer stays. Staying at one of the many small cottages or bed and breakfast places will also add to your memories too.
At Kingston, part of greater Hobart, you can either head inland Huonville or down the coastline to Kettering and on the Bruny Island – OR do a circuit following the coastline on the Channel Highway to Kettering and onwards along the coastline, with the Channel Highway taking you back to Huonville. Kingston is a good place to pick up food supplies before heading south from one of the shopping centres here.
Kettering – is about 30 kilometres from Hobart and is the port where you can catch a Vehicular Ferry to Roberts Point on North Bruny Island, which takes about 20 minutes or so. The Oyster Bay Inn and Oyster Bay Marina are close to each other in Kettering, with the Bay full of moored boats, adding to the ambience of Kettering.
There are about 600 people living on North and South Bruny Islands – the two islands connected by “the Neck” a narrow strip of land with the roadway that links the two islands.
Bruny Island is about 100 kilometres long, so take your time to enjoy the scenery and on South Bruny Island head for historic Adventure Bay where you will find the Bligh Museum of Pacific Exploration, the building constructed using 26,000 convict made bricks. Inside you can read the stories of the early British and French explorers who stopped here – Captain James Cook, Tobias Furneaux, Chevalier Antoine Joseph de Bruni D’entrecasteaux and Captain William Bligh. The Museum is at 876 Adventure Bay Road. Tel: (03) 6293 1117. The whole island is a mix of great scenery – including Cape Bruny Lighthouse, coastal lookouts, cliffs, rainforest, tall timber, beaches and walks, and it is also a gourmet food experience – everything from cheeses, to wines, oysters, seasonal berries, salmon and more. It is also possible to take a cruise to see the island’s high cliffs, seal colonies and other sealife – see www.brunycruises.com
Huon Valley – the Huon Valley in which the Huon River is located is picture perfect countryside, with farms, orchards and wineries making the Valley a favourite part of Tasmania to visit. The valley was best known for its apples, and at the small village of Grove there is the Huon Valley Apple and Heritage Museum in recognition of the role that apples played in creating Tasmania’s identity as “The Apple Isle”.
Tasmanian apples were a major export to Britain in the 1950’s and 1960’s, but when Britain joined the Common Market in 1972, Tasmania was locked out of the trade, and Tasmania’s apple trade with Britain was destroyed. Trade is a two edged sword, having both the capacity to build business but also destroy it too. The apple trade has recovered somewhat, but the number of apple growers has rapidly declined since the heydays of the 1960’s.
The Huon River is also worth exploring and you can take a leisurely cruise or a jet boat to see it – see www.huonjet.com   Tel : (03) 6264 1838
Franklin – is a small town south of Huonville. Here you will find the School of Wooden Boatbuilding – where student learn the craft of building wooden boats, just as they would have in the days when whaler boats took to the seas. You can also see the boat building through a viewing window, and learn about Huon Timber – and what makes it one of the best timbers in the world for building wooden boats.
We hope that you have a great time in Tasmania.
Happy Travelling!
Geoff Stuart

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